How To Keep This Summer Fruitful, Focused And Joy-Filled

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The summer holidays are just around the corner and whilst this year things are looking a little bit different I know that the hard won routine that we have managed to follow (roughly) with work and home education during lockdown will be completely turned on it's head again when school finishes next week. 

Whilst I love holidays, I often find it difficult to stick to a great rhythm of Bible reading and quiet times whilst my normal routine is out of the window. So while I love the slower pace of life, I often feel frustrated at the lack of structure.

I wonder if I’m not alone in this struggle.

Maybe you feel it too? 

I find it so helpful to be more intentional about having a fruitful summer. I believe our faith can flourish and thrive even when our normal life rhythms aren’t there and I look forward to enjoying a faith-filled summer with you all. Here are three ways which help me keep that focus and joy:



Why not link up with friends on WhatsApp and read a book of the Bible together this summer?

Last year, a group of us read through Acts through the summer holidays, read one chapter a day on our own and shared our thoughts in an online chat group each day about what has challenged and encouraged us. Why not pick a book of the Bible, grab some pals and read through it at the same time? Not only will your faith be built but it’s a great way to cultivate community too.

I love having Christian music on at home and in the car. I find that it increases my faith and helps me to focus on God throughout the day. I have so much music that I love but here are some of my favourites:

Lay it All Down - United Pursuit

Rattle! - Elevation Worship

Highlands (Song of Ascent) - Hillsong United  


I find scripture cards are a really useful and simple resource for meditating on scripture throughout the day. The Hope and Ginger Encouragement, Psalms and Identity in Christ in a Tin are brilliant for this.

Stick them up on your fridge, your bathroom mirror or your computer monitor to regularly remind you of gorgeous nuggets of scripture.

If you have any ways that you find helpful to keep growing in your faith when you’re out of your normal routine, pop me a message!

I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s to an intentional, fruitful, faith-filled summer! 

With love,

Cath xxx


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