The Lord's Prayer / Aaronic Blessing Prayer Card

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This double-sided prayer card would make a beautiful addition to a Bible or prayer journal. The words that Jesus taught us in the Lord's Prayer are printed on the one side and on the other are the beautiful words of Numbers 6:24-26, also known as the Aaronic blessing. 

Both of these prayers are really special as they are prayers that God gives to his people. In the Old Testament book of Numbers the Lord gives these words to Aaron to speak over the Israelites and in the New Testament Jesus teaches us to pray using the words of what we now know as The Lord's Prayer.

Each card is A6 in size, with rounded corners and a matt lamination finish so it won't tear or get scratched easily. It is finished off with a gorgeous deep green tassel which make it brilliant to use in a Bible or journal as a bookmark. 

These prayer would make a wonderful addition to a devotional time and a really precious way to perhaps begin or end a time with the Lord. They would make a lovely encouraging small birthday gift or why not pair one with a Hope and Ginger journal and pen for something extra special.

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